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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

M81 + ' A Geometric Design'.

Hey Ladies.

Well the weekend is over again =-/.

Today I decided to use my M81 Konad plate for the first time...and the result was...I Love this Plate!.

This plate has to be one of my favourite konads I own! ( Well...Top 5 ). Its so so Cute.

For this Manicure I used:

-Konad Plate M81.
- China Glaze - St Tropez.
- Konad Special Blue Polish.

I love how simple this looks .. And the design isn't to domineering which it great!

For swatching the M81 Plate i used:

- China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic.
- Konad Special White Polish.

This plate is defiantly a investment!.

I even like the little design on my little ' Pinkie' finger - Matched with some rhinestones that could be a cute manicure.

Well time for me to sign off, and get everything ready for work tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great weekend.



  1. Great mani/s. More subtle than the ones you usually share with us.
    Great news: we finally got to stamp with the Essence stampy white.
    I did what you and everyone usually suggest: slightly file stamper/ use old credit card /work FAST. Well, my sister did the stamping on me. We'll probably upload our first successful Fauxnad.
    Don't work too much, ;)

  2. @ marox79

    Aww thanks hunny!

    Thats good news! i used to use old debit i use this plastic scraper i got from Chez Delaney, as i hated the scratches a metal scraper would cause! i cant wait to see your first pictures! =)


  3. @ Cherish @ My Cup of Tea

    Aww thanks hunny


  4. @ Nicole - Top To Toe

    Aww thanks chick


  5. @Sarahlouise1986: Thanks for your comment, sweetie.
    Don't expect too much from my first decent-looking fauxnad. I just did two accent nails, on my left and right hand ring fingers.

    Btw, I'd loove a tour around your drugstores, Superdrug and everything. You have some nice looking make-up in the UK: Models Own, Sleek, Barry M, Accesorize... Umm, you could indulge us too. ;)

  6. Wow, nice, this plate is definately going on my wishlist!

  7. @ marox79

    Im sure it will be amazing =)..yeah i suppose we in england do have some great drugstores - im just greedy and want more variety lol

    We should defiantly stay in contact i see future swaps for us in the future =))


  8. @ Giuditta

    Thanks chick! - Yay glad to hear it - its amazing hunny!


  9. Niceeee I have it to but never used it :( or maybe the design on you pinkie ;)

  10. @ -Diana-

    Go use it..i demand you too lol



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