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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

HB13 + ' A Shark Attack Fail'

Hey Ladies

Ive never been afraid to show my  'Fail'  Manicures to you lovely ladies..However...
.... Unfortunately this is one of them.

I had so many ideas when planning this Manicure just simply went wrong from start to end.

For this Manicure I used:

-  La Femme Beauty Polishes - Mint and Blue Cream.
- Konad Special Black Polish.
- Fraulein 38 Nail Art Liners ( I used Random Blue Liners, and a white and silver liner from the collection).
- Rimmel London -Matte Finish.

 I actually like it when a manicure fails.. because i do learn from my mistakes ..
I know where i went wrong with this manicure and will 
re-attempt this - learning from my mistakes =-/.

I really liked the HB13 Plate...and put none of the blame on this image or plate!. As usual the plate preformed beautifully =).

Here is the Lovely HB13 Plate =).

 I got a new delivery this week. 
I recently placed a order for shirleys SdP Plates:

I got:

-  (From the A series) A01, A03, A04, A07, A09, A10,  
A11, A14,  A15,  A16, A17 & A18.

                                                       - (From the B series) B01, B02, B03, B04, B05, B08, 
B09, B11, B13,  B14,  B15,  B17 &  B19.

Ive known for some time that some of the images on these plates were I held me back buying them, awaiting peoples reviews. 
...However Shirley recently decided to put these plates on sale for 1 euro each due to the problems people were having with these plates.

How could I say no to that bargain...Well I couldn't I placed a order 
for 1 of each of the plates on sale!

And here they are =) :

I cant wait to have a play with them =).

If you haven't already entered my *500  giveaway* you can do so by clicking here 
The closing date is the 19.06.2011.

Thanks for reading!




  1. This is very cute . I dont think it's a fail .

  2. WHOA this is not a fail! It is very cute!

  3. I think it turned out really cool, the black looks nice on the blue "water"~

  4. i love it, it's absolutely gorgeous :-D

  5. this is not a fail mani!!! its gonna bite!!

  6. not a fail! i like it!

    i can't wait for the review of the plates! ;)

  7. I don't understand... I really like it!

  8. where's the fail in that? this is very nice! :)

  9. @ Toyomi

    Thank you sweetie...its just not how I imagined it... I imagined it turning out better


  10. @ Shadow

    Aww thank you sweetie =)...Im just not keen on it at all


  11. @ Freshie

    Aww thank you sweetie - that's the 1 bit I liked.. I hate the liner details =-/


  12. @ nail crazy

    Aww thank you hunny! =)Maybe im too fussy lol

  13. @ Silence is Loud

    Haha thanks sweetie! =)


  14. @ Paulina

    Thank you hunny =)

    Ill review them asap =)


  15. @ thenailaholic

    Thank you Sweetie =)

    .. After seeing everyone's comments - im re-debating my feelings over this manicure

    /Hugs x

  16. @ Trixie of Nailfiled

    Aww thank you hunny =) that means a lot


  17. That looks awesome! *heads off to check out the plates*

  18. I too didn't a problem with your nails. Looks like you put alot of time and thought into them.

    Your lucky you got some of Shirley's plates on only had a few left when I wanted to get then. Have fun and enjoy your new goodies.!

  19. This is a really unique and interesting manicure. I don't think it's a fail at all!

  20. @ ♥ Claire ♥

    Awww thank you sweetie - i hope there is some plates left =-/


  21. @ 079b8b78-97f8-11e0-a348-000bcdca4d7a

    Thank you...when I noticed it going wrong... I decided to keep going..however the more comments I get..the more my mind is changing about this manicure lol

    Sorry to hear you couldn't get all the plates - however have fun with the ones you could
    get =-/


  22. @ Laura

    Aww thank you hunny!


  23. I think it is funny no failure at all :)

  24. @ -Diana-

    Aww lol thank you sweetie!

    /Hugs x


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