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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

XL B + ' A Pastel Peacock Surprise '

Hey Ladies 

I'm nearly fully got up to date on my queued posts!  /Cheer!

Here's a manicure i did on Saturday =).

For this Manicure I used :

- Stamping plate - XL B.
- La Femme Beauty's Lilac Cream , Pink Cream , 
Baby Blue & Blue Cream (In the order they appear)
- Rimmel London -Matte Finish.
- Konad Special Black Polish.

I really liked this manicure, It was pretty, colourful and simple!.

Although I have recently brought a new Konad Special White Polish. 
I decided to buy another in a awesome deal i found on Ebay with a store called a-viva.
The deal also involved me getting a Konad Special Pink Pastel polish - both for a nice *Happy Price*...I cant wait to test the Pink Special Stamping polish out...Maybe on black base colour? .

Here is my *Super* Chocolate-Fudge cake i baked this weekend ....i was so impressed by how  it turned out - I just had to simply share pictures with you guys.

I stopped baking 4 years ago after giving my boyfriend food poisoning with pasta bake... DON'T ASK...i simply don't know how it happened =S.

However...I'm attempting to rebuild my *cooking confidence* skills back up again...hence all the baking pictures =).

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The closing date is the 19.06.2011.

Thanks for reading!




  1. I love the mani. Beautiful design and looks fun with the different colours you used.

    Nice cake. Sorry about the bad experience with baking in the past. We've all cooked something pretty much unedible at some point.
    Keep practising and you'll soon become a baking queen, just like you're a master fauxnader.
    We once food-poisoned my sister... on purpose. We thought her allergy to mushrooms was a figment of her imagination, that she somehow had started disliking them and decided to carry out a little experiment. When she was hugging the toilet seat like three hours later we confessed. She didn't have very nice words to us, poor thing.

  2. Love the mani and the pattern :D

    As for the cake, it looks really delicious! :) sorry about the incident with the pasta baking..

  3. Your nails are so pretty!
    I love chocolate cake :)

  4. Very cute, this stamp will not work for me :( I cannot pick up the image..

  5. @ marox79

    Aww thank you sweetie =) - I wanted to use more then 1 colour...and I do love my cream Polishes once matte'd! (the effect always makes me - never want to stamp =-/..So that's saying something! ).

    Lol good point - I never thought about that- but your right...we all have to learn somehow I suppose lol =)- Aww thanks for your sweet words - don't worry I indeed to try something new every weekend =)...and looool your poor sister...Hmm mushrooms I could never be allergic to them...never! hmmm lol

    /Hugs xxx

  6. @ Iza

    Awww thank you sweetie! ...The cake was delicious that my boyfriend finished it off =))


  7. @ thenailaholic

    Aww thank you hunny =)


  8. @ Polish AMOR

    That's strange =-/ Is it this 1 image or the whole plate? - if its the whole plate have you tried slightly filing your stamp before attempting?

    Let me know if this improves your experience =)

    Now following you blog - loving your designs sweetie!

    /Hugs xx

  9. love your nails... and the cake looks great :-D
    i see this time no one wasn't hurt by eating ;-)

  10. @ nail crazy

    Awww thank sweetie! =)

    & lool - I agree!... though, if I food poisoned him again...well im sure he'd refuse to eat anything I cooked him ever again =-/ Oh well this cake story had its happy ending =)))

    /Hugs x

  11. cake looks delicious

    the mani is great as usual


    come to my blog and vote in the contest, there is a chance for voters to win a lip gloss

  12. @ Paulina

    Aww thank you sweetie =)))

    Ive most defiantly entered..thank you for letting me know about the contest sweetie xxx


  13. The cake and mani look amazers! Sorry to hear about your bad food poisoning least he forgave you as you're still together! But the only way to learn is practise, practise, practise so better to keep on at it!

  14. Oooh love this mani! That cake looks AMAZING! Om nom nom. :)

  15. Great mani and the cake look delicious!

  16. cool.. i really love ur mani...

  17. I love the colors with the black stamp <3
    And you cake looks yummie yummie yummie, now I want something sweet to eat :)

  18. @ mrsrexy

    Aww thank you sweetie!...Well... that's because washing up is the way to a mans heart lol... don't worry sweetie - i wont stop =)


  19. @ Serafina

    Thank you hun =) was Nom Nom too =)


  20. @ ligata

    Thank you sweetie =)


  21. @ ThRiSzHa s

    Aww thank you lady!


  22. @ -Diana-

    I hardly use my black stamping polish...This manicure makes me question a lot...i must use it again lol

    If only you lived next deficiently share some with you!

    /Hugss x

  23. We've got something for you.

  24. Hi dear!
    wow, I saw you chococake... oh ~hungry~
    Dear, can you add me in msn? I added you, I saw your colection of stamping plates and I from Brazil, many stamping factory at you have I never found here and on brazilian sites. I loved de BM224 with cherry blossom.
    I´ll waiting you on msn and my blog!


  25. Unusual manicure but I love it :-) And I gave you an award on my blog :-)

  26. @ juntasperonorevueltas

    Aww thank you =) that means a lot to me

    /Hugs xxx

  27. @ Vikamila

    Hmm it was chocolatey! and yummy =)

    Thanks for the link - Im now following your blog

    Omg I haven't used /Covers Ages...i really don't think I remember how to add people...however if you've added me, im sure when/if i pop on it - ill add you too =). Bm224 is a pretty amazing plate =) thanks for your kind comments


  28. @ Laura

    I agree..its not a combo i thought about until i tried it =) thanks for the award sweetie =))) It means alot x



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