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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Charming Nails Q1 plate + ' A Sparkly Swallow '

Hey Guys

Here's a quick post from me tonight - to show you another manicure 
I created with my Charming Nails Q1 plate.

(Picture with Flash)

For this Manicure I used:

- Kleancolor - Holo Chrome.
 - Konad Special White Polish.
- Some clear rhinestones.

(Picture with Flash)

I really , really love the design of this swallow - It's so cute and very girly. 
The design has defiantly got a Disney feeling to it =).

I've tried to capture a picture (See below) Without flash, so you can 
see how beautiful this image really is.

(Picture without Flash)

Kleancolor's Holo Chrome is a awesome medium purple jelly polish, with some blue tones. 
It is PACKED with fine holographic glitter - I applied three coats to get my 
finished look.

(Picture without Flash)

Here is a Blurry Glitter picture <3.

(Picture with Flash)

I also wanted to thank everyone that sent their get-well messages for my cay, Sassy.

She scratched her leg whilst she was out and about . She was put on a round of antibiotics to help fight of the nasty infection that occurred from the injury =-/.

Her injury has now healed, and we've been able to remove her veterinary cone =).

She even got some new 'Cat-nip' toy's to play with =).

If you haven't already entered my * 1000  give-away * you can do so by clicking here 
The closing date is the 31.10.2011.

Thanks for stopping by =)



Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New from Models Own

Hey Guys

Models Own have announced , that they are launching new shades this November =).


The BEETLEJUICE Collection! 

Consists of FIVE new multi-tonal shades. 

-GOLDEN GREEN, a fresh energetic acid.
- PINKY BROWN, a warm rusty pink.
- PURPLE BLUE, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo.
- AQUA VIOLET, a true sky shimmer.
- EMERALD BLACK, a bold-blackened midnight peacock!

They have advised us that each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed 
into one gleaming shade, and the complex colour-shifting, with flashes 
                                         of vivid tones and ethereal hues, gives a shimmering duo chrome finish. 

Priced at just £5 each and available early November exclusively from their website

Which shade are you most excited about? 

Thanks for reading =)


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fab IV + ' A Peashooter! '

Hey Guys!

Here's my first attempt at using the new Fab Ur Nail Image Plates =).

I decided to use the Peashooter image first =).

The Peashooter is from Plants vs Zombies - which is a awesome , highly addictive tower defence game!

For this Manicure I used:

- Sinful Colors - Mint Apple.
- Konad Special Black Polish.
- A selection of Green and Yellow Fraulein 38 Nail Art Liners.
- Fab IV

I really, really Love Sinful Colors - Mint Apple. 

Its a beautiful polish and applies beautifully with just 2 coats.

My only regret about about this manicure is that - I wish I hadn't recently filled down my nails. Otherwise I could have 
attempted something more complex with this image - however I still love the 
simpleness of the manicure =).

If you haven't already entered my * 1000  give-away * you can do so by clicking here 
The closing date is the 31.10.2011.

Thanks for stopping by =)



Sunday, 25 September 2011

My *1000* Give- Away ! *** Now Closed! ***

Hey Guys!

*** now closed *** 

I started this blog on the 15.01.2011. 
I really didn't expect anybody to be interested in what , I decided to do on my nails.  
I cant explain how grateful and over the moon i am - that over 1000 of you are following me! =).

Ive loved every second of blogging and have no intentions of stopping yet!.

I cant ignore this milestone and have been organising a give-away 
to show my appreciation!

Anyway without further a-do - Here is a small appreciation 
for following my blog, 
or stopping by in the past!.


My give away consists of the following items for 1 lucky winner:

- Beauty UK Nail Sets - Midnight Minx , Urban Girl & Wild Child ( that's 18 polishes!)
- A set of the New Fab Ur Nail plates.
- 4 metallic Stamping polishes.
- HB Plates 21-40.
- Image plates SdP C02, SdP C07, SdP D07 & SdP D18.
- A pack of Rhinestones.
- Packs of Nail Stickers
- A essence stampy plate, 4 essence liners and a essence stamper and scrapper


More information , And More Close up Pictures for my  Give-Away items.

* Beauty UK Nail Sets - Midnight Minx , Urban Girl & Wild Child ( That's 18 polishes!).

* A essence stampy plate, 4 essence liners and a essence stamper and scrapper.

* HB Plates 21-40

Here's a close up of the plates you have a chance to win.

* A set of the New Fab Ur Nail plates - Kindly sponsored by Fab Ur Nails.

* 4 metallic Stamping polishes -  Kindly sponsored by Fab Ur Nails.

* Image plates SdP C02, SdP C07, SdP D07 & SdP D18 - Kindly 

* Packs of Nail Stickers - Sponsored by Shirley @ Dashica Beauty Shop.

* A pack of Rhinestones, sponsored by Shirley @ Dashica Beauty Shop.


Now...after all that drooling .....its time for the rules:

My giveaway will be open internationally and will run until October 31st 2011 
(Midnight - is the close of point) . The winner will be picked by 
and I will notify the winner via email. The winner will then have 
48 hours to respond to the email with their address to ship the goodies 
If they don't, I will draw again.

How to enter:


1) Be a follower on Google Friend Connect ( New followers are welcome!!!)

2) Leave your email so if your win I have a way to contact you.

3) Do not leave your entry details in the comment section - you will not be 
entered - please fill out the Google form I have prepared for you =).


To get additional entries 
( If you do not have a blog- you can still enter =)  )

1) Did you blog about my giveaway with a dedicated post and 
photo? -3 additional points.

2) Did you add this giveaway to a giveaway page or side 
bar? -2 additional points.

3) Did you add Spellbinding Nails to your 
Blog roll?- 2 additional points.

Thanks again =) And i hope you guys like my giveaway!

Good luck Guys!


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Nail Mail Saturday! - Loads of pictures Incoming =).

Hey Guys!

I love nail mail - especially when its is nail mail from a special Friend!

Thriszha from Fab Ur Nails was one of my inspirations for starting this blog.
I started messaging her before setting up my blog - when I was organising to do a 
swap with her for the Mickey Mouse Disney Plate.
Thriszha asked me if i had a blog, and i advised her i didn't ..But then immediately
 started creating one - She was the first person I sent a link of my blog too =).

Therefore as soon as I knew Thriszha was creating her own image 
plates.. I immediately got excited!.

I recently did a post to let you know that the image plates were now
 available and today 
I am excited to say that the plates I purchased - have now arrived!.

Here is my package =).

The package is packaged so beautifully - I cant wait to rip it open *hehe*.

Weeee! - must open this faster!.

Each bottle is 7ml.
The collection Consists of the following colours =).
1. yellow
2. pink
3. bubble blue
4. avocado green
5. white
6. charcoal
7. orange
8. lavender
9. red wine
10. teal
11. violet
12. dark blue

Don't they just look so cute - Swatches to follow very soon!.

The lovely Thriszha also sent me her latest Stamping polishes.

This collection includes:

1. gold
2. silver
3. metallic pink
4. metallic blue

These 4 polishes will not be swatched by me - As they were provided
 to me for my 1000 givieaway *coming soon ;-) *.

 Introducing the real gems of this package - The Plates!.
 I cant say enough how excited I am about these plates.

They are so cute and beautiful!.

One set is mine and the other set was  provided to me for my 1000 give away.

I love the selection of images in this collection - They are fun and playful!.
I cant wait to see what Thriszha does with the next set of plates she is currently designing!.

Here is a picture of the plates swatched by Thriszha =).

I also was sent some awesome nail stickers - these 
will also be added to my up-coming Give-away =).

 I also purchased a image plate album holder from the on-line store
It can hold 5-7cm image plates, and has 60 sleeves- Im always 
looking for storage solutions for my ever-growing collection =-/ - So ill do a review on this soon for you guys too =).

To purchase your own plates - you can join

Thanks For Reading =).



Friday, 23 September 2011

Tutorial - How to remove Glitter Nail Polish =)

Hey Guys

This is my first tutorial - So please give nice feedback lol =-/.

Ive constructed a step by step guide to help you guys remove Glitter Nail polish =).

Glitter nail polish is fun and awesome...however, removing it -can be a REAL 
pain in the rear!. always regret wearing glitter nail 
polish, when attempting to remove it =(.

Ive always heard people refer to the 'Tin Foil system ' So
i couldn't wait to try it.

What you will need :

- Nail Varnish remover - For this i am using Non acetone Varnish 
Removing from Boots.
- Foil - cut up into small strips (I cut mine 1.5 by 2 inch - but you really 
don't have to be exact here =)).
-  Cotton - I used baby wipes, I cut them into small squares-  but 
cotton rounds will work perfectly for this.

Step 1 (Below)
Tab some nail polish remover on the cotton. Then apply this to your nail.
I folded the cotton for a better fit =).

Step 2 ( Below ).

I then wrapped a strip of foil around my finger tip.. Making 
my fingers look like something out of a robot / Horror film lol. 
By folding the foil around your fingertip- it allows the Remover to soak in =).

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the rest of the fingers on one hand - I 
didn't attempt this on both hands - as you need your other hand for the final stages.

Wait...4-5 minuets...I suggest putting...attempting to press play 
to this song lol =)

Step 3 ( Below)

The you need to apply gentle pressure to the nail and Twist -the cotton 
and foil from side to side, a couple of twists will do the job.

Then remove the cotton and foil off your nail =).

Then .... like magic the glitter is gone!

All you now need to do is wash your hands and give them some loving care ,as the
 remover can sometimes be harsh to your finger nails and cuticles.

now...brace yourself...this is what 12 months of constantly varnishing with no breaks - to allow your nails to breath...does to your nails..

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial..Ill defiantly be doing more in the future =)



Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Halloween + SdP 21

'Trick or Treat Guys!

I really love doing themed manicures  - So I decided to start my Halloween 
manicures early this year =).
Also I have a lot of Halloween images to get through ;-).

This manicure is inspired by 'Trick or Treat!'.

For this manicure I used

- Barry M - Black Polish.
- Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia.
- Rimmel London -Matte Finish,
- Konad Special White Polish.
SdP 21.
- Some Rhinestones

This is not my best stamping...but at least its something different for me =).

I'm absolutely in love with this color! Facets of Fuchsia is a black jelly with two different 
sizes of fuchsia hexagon glitter.
To create the base of my manicure i used:
- One coat of Barry M's - Black Polish.
- I then applied Two coats of Revlons Facets of Fuchsia.
- Once this had dried i applied One coat of Rimmel Londons - Matte Finish.
Here's the stunning SdP 21 plate i used for this manicure =)

Thanks for reading



P.s thank you to everyone that wished my cat a fast recovery - the infection 
on her leg has almost cleared up . I cant wait to removed her veterinary collar =)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

SdP 32 + ' Stars ' + Some new Kleancolors to join my stash!

Hey guys

Sorry I've been absent for a few days - I'm currently 
acting as a full time nurse to my injured cat, who I'm afraid takes priority. 

However I wanted to do a quick post to show you my latest manicure =).

(Picture with Flash).

For this manicure I used: 

- Kleancolor -Metallic Fuchsia. 
- Konad Special White Polish.

(Picture with Flash).

This manicure was horrendous to photograph =-/
But I love how simple and striking it looks on my nails =).

(Picture with Flash).

I loved the application of this polish - I used two coats but could have easily got away with one.

(Picture with Flash).

Here is the stunning SdP 32 plate that i used for this manicure - if you look 
closely you will see Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.

Also, Here are the latest additions to my Kleancolor Collection =).

(From Left to right)

Jazz Olive, Leaves Jingle, Bite Me & Fashionista.

Metallic Sapphire, Metallic Red , Metallic Yellow & Metallic Purple .

Thanks for reading


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