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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New from Models Own

Hey Guys

Models Own have announced , that they are launching new shades this November =).


The BEETLEJUICE Collection! 

Consists of FIVE new multi-tonal shades. 

-GOLDEN GREEN, a fresh energetic acid.
- PINKY BROWN, a warm rusty pink.
- PURPLE BLUE, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo.
- AQUA VIOLET, a true sky shimmer.
- EMERALD BLACK, a bold-blackened midnight peacock!

They have advised us that each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed 
into one gleaming shade, and the complex colour-shifting, with flashes 
                                         of vivid tones and ethereal hues, gives a shimmering duo chrome finish. 

Priced at just £5 each and available early November exclusively from their website

Which shade are you most excited about? 

Thanks for reading =)



  1. Love the name of the collection and the pretty shifts, can't wait to see these!

  2. Really gorgeous collection. There's even a Péridot dupe and probably dupes for other polishes.

  3. Damn they're all so pretty! Too bad they're not available here in Toronto :(

  4. The middle three are amazing, must get. Especially the very middle one, it is just perfect.

  5. I'm going to also need them all... and a fifth nail polish rack at this rate. OOPS.

  6. I've tried this I will :)

  7. *cries because she lives in the States and cant get these* =*[ They're gooooorgeous! AHHHH!

  8. Very very gorgeous!!! I really want one of this!

    Sorry my english, is not much perfect!

  9. I need them all...LOL, anyone up for a US swap?..LOL :)

    They are gorgeous!!!!!

  10. I want them all! They look very pretty!

  11. I want them all! Thanks for the heads up on these! :)

  12. Sigh, I live in the states also and to get ONE bottle would cost me 18.00

  13. I've died and gone to polish heaven!

  14. I nearly did a little sex wee when I saw these today! I want Purple Blue and Emerald Black most of all.

  15. OOOOHHHHHHH!!! DROOL!!! Love these! NEED!

  16. They're georgeous!! I want them all!


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