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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Review for Born Pretty- Cuticle revitaliaer Oil Tools

Hey Guys

I was recently contacted by Born Pretty to do a review for them =).

I Immediately selected their 10 Cuticle revitaliaer Oil Tools to try, as I've wanted to order them for some time.

 My Package arrived Monday, inside my package I found:

10 Cuticle Revitaliaer Oil tools/pens.

contained were:

Four flowers flavors
- Jamine Oil.
- Lavender Oil.
- Rose Oil.
- Aloe Oil.

Six fruit flavors
- Strawberry Oil.
- Peach Oil.
- Apple Oil.
- Nutrition Orange Oil.
- Pomegranate Oil.
- Kiwi fruit Oil.

Here is the product , after it is removed from its colourful packaging =).

the instructions Born Pretty give are to :

- Brush on your cuticles lightly and massage gently 3-4 times a week.
- They advise that you will achieve longer, stronger and beautiful natural nails.
- born pretty advise that the product contains Vitamin 5 - that can protect your nails.

Each Cuticle revitaliaer Oil Tool is 12cm long, and contains 8ml of oil.

Here is a close up picture of the brush =).

I found using this product to be be  very easy and straightforward.  All You 
have to do - is twist the end of the product to allow the oil to flow to the
 brush. All you need to do is slightly brush a dot of oil on each finger 
nail.  Once you have applied the cuticle oil of your choice on your 
fingers, all you then need to do is massage it in and spread it out over your 
nails and cuticles. 

These cuticle tools are so small, that it is handy to throw one on 
your bag, so that your cuticle treatment is always on hand

Here is a picture after I used the strawberry oil and my cuticles.

I'm wearing kleancolor's - metallic fuschia =).

This product definitely gets my thumbs up.

- It smells gorgeous!.
-the treatments are so quick and simple!.
- I love how my nails look after applying the treatment, they defiantly feel and look healthier =).
- The tool is so small that it can be easily thrown in a bag.

If you place an order on the Born Pretty Store website you can use this 
code to get 10% OFF: SSJ61 . 
I placed a banner to the BPS website on the left side of my blog with the code. 
Also not unimportant, they have worldwide Free Shipping.

Thanks for reading =)



  1. Looks like a really nifty thing to have. It sure looks a lot safer than the glass cuticle oil bottle I currently carry in my purse!

  2. Ooh that sounds awesome and easy to apply. I want to know what they all smell like. I'd love to swap for one if you don't want them all!

  3. They definitely look more portable and easier to use than the glass bottle of cuticle oil that I tote around, lol.

  4. never seen cuticle oil like that before it looks far cleaner to use though! are they nice smells or artifical smelling? xx

  5. i love trying different cuticle oils...i guess i will buy these soon :)

  6. @ Liz , AbsolutelyAddicting, Ashley G & Kejal - these are defiantly worth investing in =)


  7. @ Painting Rainbows

    Ill contact you on fb soon about that offer x


  8. @ Irishenchantment

    Its defiantly a artificial smell - but its still a good smell =)


  9. @ Rosamond Kim

    Thank you sweetie =))



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