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Thursday, 19 January 2012

How SOPA/PIPA will/could affect your beauty blog

Hey guys

I'm sure you will have all read about  SOPA and PIPA  - and if you haven't?!?
- Then where have you been hiding?

I found a good article about it Here - Showing how SOPA/PIPA 
will affect your beauty blog/ or blogs you enjoy reading - If passed.

Please don't just sit back - And think *Oh well this wont affect me*.. Because
 it COULD, if the law is passed!

Information on what you can do to voice your anger is
 attached to the bottom of the link above

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. I'm so glad that so many bloggers are giving this the attention it deserves!

    1. Too true! The impact of this becoming Law is too scary


  2. OMG why to lose time with that while there is so other things soooo more important? The theft of image is inevitable, just put your name on that, people arent dumb if we see a pic with X logo at Y blog of course we will noticed that the pic is not from the owner of the Y blog.
    I always forget to put my name in the images and actually I dont care if people will use my pics (because my pics are really lame and I'm sure no one will use ROFL).
    But yeah that Law is scary.

    1. Agree! Lets just hope it gets thrown out!

      i'm sure it will pop back up again in the future! - Public support has been amazing to stop this though!



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