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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hot Topic Image Plates + ' Lets get Splattered! '

Hey guys 

This weeks 'Adventures In Stamping' challenge was to 'only use Blue'. 
I decided to use the Splatter image from my
 Hot topic Image Plate, for this manicure.

For this Manicure I used:

- China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic.
- Milani - Cyberspace.
- La Femme Beauty - Ice Blue Cream.
- Konad Special Blue Polish.
-  Dotting Tools.

 * Excuse the messy clean up on these pictures....There's a 
reason I hate stamping with Blue *

This Manicure was so fun to create..But messy! - But 
shouldn't all Manicure's be fun to create =-P.

To create the base ( See Below) of my manicure i used:

- Two coats of China Glaze's Rodeo Fanatic.
- I then applied One coat of Milani's Cyberspace.

Here is the Hot Topic Image Plate, that I used to create this Manicure with =D.
Its such a shame these plates were discontinued in 2009 - Because they rock!

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Love the splatter design. You should make it stand out more.

    1. Grr i took 1000 Pics...This is the best i could do, to get the damn mani to stand out! le sigh lol


  2. love,love love.... follow me pleace

  3. lovely :D i was wearing cyberspace up to yesterday lol xxx

    1. OOOoo! its a great polish! Im such a holo-wh*re!, I give myself healthy breaks - then go crazy with it again lol


  4. This is absolutely stunning! I wish I could do such awesome manis!

    1. Aww thank you hunny! ...Hush your's are better =-P



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