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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

M21 + ' Fantasy Butterflies'

Hey Guys

Before I go any further - I would just like to say...Holy wow! 
 I cant believe I have 1888 people following my little blog!... It just blows me away.
Here's a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart , I love all of you! =D.

Now after all that gushy stuff .....Onto the manicure = -P.

 For this Manicure I used:

-  Nails Inc polish - Baker Street.
-  Max Factor - Fantasy Fire.
-  Barry M Nail Paint - Foil.
-  Dotting Tools.
-  M21.

Max Factor's Fantasy Fire - Is the current *Must-have* polish. 
This is my first Max Factor polish - as I usually avoid the brand due to their tiny bottles.
Fantasy Fire is a Clarins 230 (Unicorn Pee) dupe - Although it is a UK polish....Its a 
very hard polish to track down. 
It is currently already going for £15.00 on ebay  - and costs £3.99 for a 4.5ml  bottle.
 It is available in Boots and Superdrug.

To create the base ( See Below) of my manicure i used:

- One coat of Nail Inc's Baker Street.
- Two coats of Max Factor's Fantasy Fire.

I love the blurry picture below...Just look at that rainbow shift - Isn't it stunning.

Here is a picture of the M21 Image plate that I used.

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Our local MaxFactor displays don't carry FF. I don't know if they don't have it yet or won't have it at all.
    I avoid expensive polishes too. There are lots of budget-friendly alternatives to choose from.

    1. Aww =-/ Let me know if you need one - ill pop on in the post for you xx
      And agreed - I love my budget *happy* polishes! - I used to avoid them...and i don't know why! - Ive recently fell in love with Beauty UK for example!


  2. Very pretty! I love Baker Street, it's such a gorgeous blue!

  3. I can't wait to get baker street from you! And the FF! I am dying with excitement! You totally deserve all these followers- your blog is incredibly awesome and your designs are divine! You'll be at 2000 before you know it! BFF-xoxo- I'm proud to say you are my bestie

  4. gorgeous :D i have been looking about for that but no joy yet xxx


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