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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Monday, 20 February 2012

New additions to my plate & polish family! =)

Hey guys

Here are some new additions to my plate & polish family =).

Shany 2012 Collection (Above and below).

I actually got these in a swap from the lovely and awesome Fingers Polish Mania.
The plates can be brought from .
*Caution* They do not ship internationally =-/.

Here is the lovely DRK-A plate (Below).

Here are the images close up.

This can be brought from Here - by filling out a form and clicking the submit button.

Cheeky image plates (Below).
These are available on , &

I will posting close up pictures during the week, of these cheeky plates - They rock! =).

After much consideration...I also got the Nails Inc Ahead of the Trend Collection ( Above).
I was picking one up for Fingers Polish Mania thought why not =-P.

The collection contains seven brand-new colours

The set includes - 

1 x Baker Street (10ml) - cobalt blue.
1 x Belgrave Mews (10ml) - forest green.
1 x Cadogan Place (10ml) - muted mushroom.
1 x Mayfair Mews (10ml) - coral.
1 x Piccadilly Arcade (10ml) - pink.
1 x Royal Mews (10ml) - holographic silver.
1 x Wilton Row (10ml) - maroon/plum.

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Wow! I love your blog and your Konad collection!

  2. you did well my child, very well :) xx

  3. Love the new additions! Can't wait to see them all in use!

  4. Do show us those plates. It's a pity they don't ship internationally. Dunno why, it's amazon after all.

  5. I especially like the look of that big stamping plate. There are some pretty interesting motives on that. :)

  6. I love looking at your new plates :) The DRK have lovely designs and the cheeky ones too.

  7. Can't wait to see your DRK stamped manis - those patterns look amazing!

  8. hmm the shany plates are a compilation of A,T,S & P series image plates they just mixed some of the designs from the Old series a,t,s & p.. enjoy ur new babies..

  9. wow you have so many plates! I have only one...
    I love all those nail polishes from I also really like this brand.
    I'm following your blog

  10. Did you get all the cheeky plates? Can I have your plate 5??? Hahahaha!

  11. Ps am trying to decide if I'm a good or bad influence for you!

  12. Such an awesome collection!! Feel like visiting you just to see ur collection!

  13. Hope we'll see some stamping mani soon! Those plates looks gorgeous!

  14. Wow, these plates look great, hope to see some swatches soon x

  15. Can't wait to see the cheeky plates.
    I got the Shany ones, a few were scratched and I can't reach the seller. Emailed them 3x already. Hope yours are all ok!

  16. Where can I buy good stamping polishes ??, I'm new to stamping.. Ty :) christine


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