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Hey - i am 26 years old and i live in the Uk. I discovered Konad around October 2010 , and my bank balance has yet to recover. i have since collected a very large collection of fauxnads and Konads. the goal for this blog is simple - (1) Further explore the world of nail art stamping. (2) To keep a record of all my experiments with stamping. (3) To show you the potential each stamp has. (4) To show you that you don't have to be a 'Konading' expert to have fun! =)

Friday, 6 April 2012

How I Store My Image Plates

Hey Guys!

I regularly get asked the question - How do you store your image plates?.

Whilst I was tidying my nail area,  I decided to take some pictures to show you all .
This is how I have tacked storing my image plates. 

I also need to point out that how I store my plates changes all the
 time - as I find better methods.

Also ...
You will see no photo Albums used here... I am against them for a good reason.
I've seen two pictures, from two separate followers - emailed to me.
The plates had moved towards the spine / even when mesh was present ....yet , because there were too many plates in the album - the plates have simply bent. 
Half of collection ..gone /simply unusable.
So - No Ill never use them you can guarantee this would happen to me /Cry!

... Anyway without further ado....

Here are my Image plates ....Please do not ask how many I have?.... I know it is more then
 600, from last time I counted (and..that was ages ago!)...But - It left me shell shocked =-/.

Here's what is what each box contains =D.

- Also ....Please note, the boxes I have used were random boxes laying around my house.
....Such a Blue Peter moment lol.

My Large Boot Box - That I got when I brought the best wellies in the world!

I store my XXL plates ( Dashica XXL plate & Konad Demo 1 & 2),
 In this Massive Boot box.

I placed these Plates In this box because:

- I like the fact they are laying down - Avoiding them getting scratched.
- I can easily look through the plates & take the plate I want out without any hassle.
- No pressure is being asserted onto the plates, as they are not stood up.
- the box is MASSIVE - Loads of room around and above them.


Next we move onto the grey box ( below).

 I use this File Box - to store my :

- Bundle Monster Plates.
- Chez Delaney D series.
- HB plates.
- Konad Plates.

I never * caution* fold the metal hook over my plates - I close the folder with 
it still in the position (outside the box!) of the picture above -  don't worry you can still close the box with it like this.

I use Storage Sleeves to keep my plates safe.
 I'm using 2 sets of storage sleeve at the moment.
 ( These are not my images - these Images were taken from the ebay store, that I purchased the Sleeves from - Here)

-  Pocket Size 71mm x 95mm .

-  Pocket Size 95mm x 52mm .

You can put paper or mesh behind the image plates if you like - Or not =D.


Next we moved onto the - Shoe box cut in half ^^

I use this for the plates that I haven't yet put into sleeves....I'm lazy =-P.

It currently houses :

- Shany 2012 Collection Image Plates.
- Random plates from the H, A, T series.
- H series plates.
- The latest HB image plates.
-  KA / QA plates.
- Cheeky image plates.
- Red Angel Nail Plates
- Some Fauxnads.

I intend to make dividers for this...One day...Unless I finally sort them Into the sleeves lol.


Next onto the Pink box (Below).

This box stores all My XL plates - Including :

- XL plates from Magno Nails.
-  Dashica Beauty Plates.
- Fauxnad XL Plates
- DRK-A.

The plates are laying down again which I love.
I tend to take them out when I look for Images...So again this avoids bending and scratches. 


Next we Have a Red box ( Glossy Box)

This houses all My Dashica Image Plates.
This is one used box!


.... Next (Tired lol) We have a pink Small Plastic Drawer Cabinet.

This houses (In the bottom drawer only, Some spare stamping tools occupy the top 
drawer) - All my favourite & HTF plates - Including :

- Hot Topic Image Plates.
- Essence Image plates.
- Charming Nails Q1 plate.
- Fab Ur Nails Image Plates.
-  Lilic's Image Plates.
-  Coraline Konad Set.
- Both Merci My Darling Image Plates.
- Disney Fauxnad CG-06 Plate.


...Breaks for Air lol!

the plates are also arranged - alphabetically and numerically =D .

well there you go - This is how I store my plates =D.

How do you store your Plates? - I'm always interested In new ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. That Essence plate I glimpse on the last photo doesn't ring a bell. Is it an older one?

    1. Its a newer one - It is the French tip Plate. I actually got that one from you =D. it has a Fab Ur Nail Image Plate directly on the top of it - so I can see how it would look different lol x


    2. I thought the French mani and the cartoon one were the same, and that's what I found confusing. The Fab Ur Nail is then also rectangular in shape. I still haven't used my French mani Essence plate, lol.

    3. lol - Opps yup they occupy this drawer - They do look the same plate, So I can see how you thought that =D

      Girl you must use it asap -Its awesome!, thank you again for sending me it =D


  2. I think the sleeves are an excellent idea for storing such a huge amount of plates as you have.

    1. As long as they are laying down - they are perfect.

      If you stand them up (Place them in a normal folder) without anything under the plate...It is like domino's...except...your just see all the plates fall out...Lol its not funny if you've spent ages organising them x


  3. I seriously need to invest in the pocket sleeves!! I have no order whatsoever for my stamping plates.

    1. The bigger my collection got ( gets =-P ) the more incentive I have to keep organising them - I hope this helps you =D


  4. Very nicely organized!!

  5. hey...I don't see any Herome imageplates ;)

    1. But but...They are dupes =-P From the B series...loads of konad images - although 2 plates do intrigue me! x


    2. ooww you reply fast ;)

    3. hehe =D I may have the images already saved in a folder =-P ( I found them 2 weeks or so ago)..I got excited but then noticed they were B series plates =(...These don't always stamp well, as they are/tend to be made cheaply - But B120 from the Tip series and H06 From the fancy series do Intrigue me =D


  6. So nice to see how you organize your collection! Have you received the plates I sent you? I have not heard from you so I'm a little worried...

    1. Check your emails x I only found them today!...see the email for more info lol opening them now!


  7. I wish I had so much of Imageplates... The only plates I got are Essence and a view from BornPrettyStore!!:)

    Like the storage Idea a lot!!!:)

    1. Thank you =D - I love Essence Image plates <3! - Your lucky they are available to you. I wish essence would come to the UK =-/.


  8. i hv never seen such a huge collection b4 .... dnt knw whn i cross even 100 plates :(

  9. u should get stamping plate cases, bundle monster has some :) i have one and i love it


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