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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Plate News From Dashica Beauty!

Hey Guys!

Its Obvious by now... That I love Dashica Beauty Image Plates.

I love the :

- Quality of the Image plates.
 I love the size of each Image ( Yes they fit Long and wide nails).
- I love the range of cute and amazing designs - you get from Dashica Image Plates.
I basically Love everything about Dashica Beauty .
I can -  hand on my heart say that - I am a fan for Life!

Yesterday - I found Out some exciting (A new reason for my bank account to 
Hate me...More!) News!!! .

Dashica Beauty (Shirley) Has some New Image Plates due to be released!

Just look at her new Image plates due out at the end of April.

If you would Like to pre-order any of these beauts - then Simply send a email to :

* Sorry for the Incoming Picture spam...I just couldn't help myself lol)


This video shows you - SdP Image Plates 61 - 80 Close up.  

This video shows you -  Big SdP Image Plates O – P – Q.

Here are some further Pictures of  the new SDP XL Image Plates (These cost € 3.80 each).

Here are some further Pictures of  the new SDP XL Image Plates (€ 15.99 each):

Don't they just look amazing ?

I keep re-watching the videos in full screen mode- My finger is constantly hitting the pause tab lol


..........Now onto some not so good news.

As a Image Plate addict I also need to advise everyone that Image Plates from
Dashica Beauty (Particularly the Big Image plates range)  have started to be

It has been brought to Shirley's attention that her Big SdP Range has been recently copied.
Luckily Dashica Beauty has copyrighted every design on each of their Image Plates.
She is currently in talks with her solicitor, to prevent this from continuing to happen.

The company responsible for this.. Is currently under investigation - Therefore I cannot 
disclose them- as it may interfere with Justice being done (...And I hope it is...As i know how much time & effort Shirley has contributed into making her dreams come true)

Please ensure If you are buying any Image Plates from Dashica Beauty. 
That you buy them from Dashica Beauty's Web-shop 

You may feel you are getting an awesome deal by buying Imitated /Fauxnad plates.
However, take it from me....Your not...
The quality of the Images and designs simply does not even compare to buying 
an Official Plate.


and bounces back to a happier subject...

Which Plate do you like most?.
Or are you loving them all like me?

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. I love the SDP 71 with the castle and butterflies.

    1. I have big ideas for the castle idea! Ive been waiting for this design for ages!


  2. Auugh!!! More plates to add to my wishlist. These look awesome.

  3. I love the one with the rollfilm design.

    1. I love it too!!! - I'm glad Shirley has re-printed this design.

      This was printed on Image plate D20. Shirley was unhappy with the quality of these plates and as a direct result they were discontinued =(. She then put her designs on the rectangular SdP Plates - The quality you get from these plates is just plain awesome!

      Here's my Manicure Using that design


  4. I LOVE THEM ALL!! Can't wait to buy!!!

    1. Same....I emailed her immediately to pre-order lol


  5. Those plates are amazing! It's always a shame when bigger companies try to steal ideas. It's not like her prices are unreasonable! Def interested in picking some of these up, thanks for posting this!

    1. The whole subject has left me feeling utterly disgusted! Shirley places the copy right logo on the plates- and on her web-shop...Why would someone think they would get away with it?!?!.


  6. I am loving big plate O and Q~ so pretty!

    1. I agree!.Saying that they all look So good! I need them all!..yes NEED! lol =D.

      /Mega Hugs


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