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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nails Inc - My May Auto delivery from QVC.

Hey Guys

I got my May's Auto delivery today from QVC today.
The first 7 polishes I got In the February delivery can be found here.

Lets get swatching  =D

Pont Street Mews
- Is a stunning bright pinky-purple creme nail polish and a one coater!

Phillimore Gardens 
- Is sheer pink - This was a 3 coater.

Hobart Place 
- Is my new favourite Orange Polish (One coat applied)! 

Cumberland Street
- Is a pale Blue -This reminds Me of Models Own feeling Blue..But feels way/looks 
way better!
- One coat applied =D.

Kensington Gate
- Is a Creamy mushroom - Perfect after One coat.

 Elverton Street 
- Hello *stunning* Gunmetal polish!
- Two coats applied, But could have got away with one.

 - A teal glitter which includes blue, green & silver glitters in various sizes.

The colours in this set are excellent.
 I can't praise Nails Inc enough for the variety they have put into each collection.
 There is something for everyone!

Which Is your favourite colour?

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Oh wow! i love them all. QVC, that's where i used to buy those polishes while living in UK;)

    1. When I got the first set in February ...I was a QVC virgin...However, if they keep adding awesome deals like this - then they will keep me as a customer!
      Nail inc retail at £11 and the set costs £25.74 ...How could I say no to that!


  2. Ah, the orange looks darker on the swatches than the bottle picture. I would of loved it more if it was as light as the bottle picture. Still gorgeous though!

    1. It was quiet light ..I blame my camera/ camera skills! Im currently wearing it - So ill try to capture it better for you x


  3. Great selection of colours! Of these I would say I like Cumberland Street best. I am going through a blue nails phase...

  4. Amazing colors. My favorite is Hammersmith.

  5. Such pretty colours, I love nails inc polishes :)

  6. These are all so lovely!! :D

  7. I'm loving these colours! Can't believe what a good deal this is! Might have to get one of these for myself!

  8. Ok you've convinced me to keep my set! You bad influence you! Xoxoxo


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