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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Monster Bundle - Is available to buy!!!

Hey Guys!

The third 'Highly anticipated* Set from Bundle Monster
is Now available to buy!

 You can Purchase this set on :

..It usually takes 2 weeks for them to show on - After a new release.

 Here are the biggest pictures I could find of each Plate.
 I've ordered 2 sets * Excited!* ...Maybe 1 set will be included in a give-away =-P
Have you brought the set yet?

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Mmm, another one for our wishlists.

  2. Bought it! It will be my first Bundle Monster set! I'm excited!

  3. Is there any news on when the new Cheekys plates will be available?

  4. Ooo I am liking this! Gah I need a money tree

  5. EEEKKK!!! Oh my, I must have it! Thanks for sharing! =D

  6. I ordered my set from Amazon, today. :D

  7. I bought my set 10 mins after they announced they were on sale on Facebook, I didn't want to miss out lol. Can't wait for them to get here *squeal!*

  8. this sweetie I saw and fell in love with to miss quickly I received

  9. Thanks for keeping me informed! I'm so behind with everything this week x

  10. Some really cute images on these! I think my favourite might be the little skull french tip with the tiara. ;)

  11. Wow, aren't they just gorgeous x

  12. I have this BM set and i love it :)


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