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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review for Mash + ' Introducing Mash's Stamping Polishes'

Hey Guys!

I was recently contacted by Mash to review their new Black and White
 Stamping polishes!

I am so excited to reveal the results and give my honest opinions on both.
 I felt it was only right I compare them to Konads Special Black and White polishes.

Before we go onto the comparisons - Here is Mash's Nail Art Polish for
 Stamping - White and Black. 
 I love how simple and professional the bottles look.

Mash have advised :
 These Nail Art Polishes were specially formulated by the nail art experts at 
MASH to make nail art stamping even easier. If you want crystal clear and 
perfectly detailed stamped nail art than these are the nail art polishes for you. 
MASH Nail Art Polish is specially designed to be used with nail art stamping from
 MASH. Mix and match different designs with different designs to create your unique
 nail art. These nail art polishes are formulated with a much higher viscosity than traditional 
nail polishes (and even those other nail art polishes out there) to create the very best
 nail art stamping results possible. Each bottle is 15ml. *MASH Nail Art Polish is 
specifically designed for stamping and nail art designs only. It is not for use as a regular 
nail polish/base coat.

Lets get testing!

I decided to use Mash-41 - To test both Mash's & Konad's polishes on.

The results!

I tried my best to photo the images - apologies If they 
are not my best...However they were so tiny..and my camera had a hissy fit on me =(.

 Mash Nail Art Polish for Stamping - White     Konad's Special White Polish

I found that Mash's White was not as opaque as Konads white - However saying that
I would rather work with the formula of Mash's White then Konad's any-day.
I find that Konads special polishes are thick and gloppy - Which Isn't always a bad thing, especially if it does the job.
However Mash's formula came out top trumps in comparison.

   Mash Nail Art Polish for Stamping - White       Konad's Special White Polish 

 Apologies the below picture does no justice for Mash's Black polish - however the Picture below does demonstrate how awesome it is.
The formula is simply perfect!

           Mash Nail Art Polish for Stamping - Black    Konad's Special Black Polish 

I am defiantly getting another 3 bottles of Mash's Black Stamping Polish.

I regularly get asked why is Konads Black is so hard to clean up - I feel this has 
a lot to do with the formula they use. I often get some residue left 
after cleaning up Konads Special Black polishes..Not matter how hard I try =( -
However, because mash's formula is the total opposite for me, I had zero problems.

                   Mash Nail Art Polish for Stamping - Black    Konad's Special Black Polish 

OK its time to talk dirty and compare

Konad vs Mash -
Lets see what you get for your Green notes.

* = It depends on the E store.

Overall thoughts :

Product  9.5/10
Opacity 8.5/10

I had no issues with Mash's Black stamping polish. The black on it's own would 
get 10/10 from me. However, I wish the white was just a little more opaque. 
However - If making it more opaque makes the formula gloppy...then 
My advise for Mash would be to keep it as it is.- as it does the job plus!

For more information about these Polishes :

Mash Nail Art Polish for Stamping Black - See Here
Mash Nail Art Polish for Stamping White- See Here

I have a manicure incoming using both polishes - 
I can also comment that there is no drag from these polishes, when a
 topcoat is applied !!!!!

Mash get a massive thumbs up from me of these polishes!

Tell me your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by!



* Product was sent for review*


  1. Great review! Mash black stamping polish looks great.

  2. Thanks, this is nice to know about the black....I love to stamp with Konad black, but hate the clean up. great review :)

  3. Ok you sold me! I just ordered the black one! Great review and I totally agree with you about the clean up for Konad black--such a nightmare!

    1. Yay! nice one =D ...I wish The clean up wasn't such a pain - however, Im sure your notice the difference immediately with this one.



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