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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hot of the press - LeaLac Image Plates

Hey Guys!

I... Spy.. With my Little Eye something beginning with - NEW image plate news!!!

Let me introduce you all too ...
LeaLaC Image Plates!!!

Here is a preview of a set of Image plates due to be sold by Llarowe
The brand name is  "LeaLaC"  a division of  Llarowe .  This has been a labour 
of love and collaboration with the lovely Laura Braga de Pinho and her mother Celia.

Here is Image Plate LLC5
Omg..How adorable is this Image Plate!!!
I need it - I love each Image , especially the Jellyfish!!!

I also have some pictures kindly emailed to me by Laura <3
thank you so much for emailing me these pictures Laura - It means a lot to me =D


I am loving the LLC1 Image Plate (Below)
It is SO adorable - I cant wait to use the Monkey, Fish, Kingfisher, Cat
and ladybird image!!

 Now LLC2  Image Plate (Below) ... This is what I am talking about!!!

Omg! Its such a ME image Plate!
I love every Image on this Image Plate - each Image is so Unique and fantastic!!!
Best Unique Image Plate of 2012!!!!
Plus it gets a massive thumbs up from the boyfriend!

I love LLC3  Image Plate (Below) ... Lovelovelove!!!
Hmm now I'm hungry

Here are some sneak peaks at their XL Image plate's - I've got
2 Line's to show you all :

A DNA Strand!!! 

I have been advised that the smaller Image Plate's ( see above) will soon be available on Llarowe along with XL stampers!
A price has not yet been set for the XL image plates - Ill let you know as I know =D.

The mini Plates will cost $5.

...Cant you tell I'm excited!

I Need all of these!! !

Which is your favourite Image Plate?
Will you be buying these Image plates?

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. this is the sort of daily news i need !! x

  2. I love the double helix! That is too awesome.


    1. And me! - I will be patiently waiting for that Image Plate!


  3. Love these!! Especially the sea life one, cute jelly fish. Will definately be getting these =3 x

    1. I love that plate to! - Sea life manicure's rock no matter what time of year it is! - It will be an investment =D


  4. Pretty, I didnt even know llarow was doing plates :D

    1. Nor me - thank god I follow her on facebook! - as soon as I saw a picture! ...I was like Omg! need! Lmao! x


  5. The DNA reminds me so much of when Nail Artists United were trying to get their plates off the ground and ran into all that trouble with Konad and copyright issues revolving around creating their stamping plates. I really wanted to see a DNA image come to life! I wonder if this one will 'translate" over well. It looks a little fuzzy? But I'm very excited by that one in particular. I also like the plate with the little unicorn though I recall that cross image is very similar to one from the very first set of BM plates

    1. Poor Nail Artists United! - But I know what you mean - I remember selecting that for them in a poll. Im so happy they were able to produce Q1 - I hope they got some of the profits ..=S

      As soon as I have them...And you know I will =-P Ill review them esp that Image for you x



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