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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Superheros Challenge + Ultimate Hero

Hey Guys!

Here is my Eighth & final instalment to the
Superhero's Challenge! -  that :

Sammy @ Nailasaurus
Debbie @ The Crumpet
Charlotte @ Charlottes Nails
....Are were doing =(' Sniff!.

Our challenge involved posting two manicures a week.
- First a villain. 
-Then a superhero (to fight/stop the villain).

How the challenge will work - 

Week One - Marvel
Villain Post:12/06 - Superhero Post: 14/06 

Week Two - DC Comics
Villain Post: 19/06 - Superhero Post: 21/06

Week Three - Disney
Villain: 26/06 - Superhero Post - 28/06

Week Four - Your Ultimate hero/heroine,villain
Villain Post: 03/07 - Superhero Post: 05/07.

My Marvel Villain post - Can be found Here
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My DC Villain post - Can be found Here
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My Ultimate Villain Post - Can be found Here

My Ultimate hero has to be ..
Superman !!!

Superman is a fictional character, created by Jerry Seigel and 
Joe Schuster in 1938. He is known as the grandaddy of all superheros
 because he is the oldest superhero that is still popular today. 
Superman was born on the planet Krypton. When Krypton was about to blow 
up, his parents sent him to Earth, where he was found and raised by the Kent's. 
He was named Clark, which was Mrs. Kent's maiden name. 
He later grew up to move to Metropolis and becomes Superman.

He's my ultimate Hero because he has the following powers! :

- Superhuman Strength
- Invulnerability
- Flight
- Superhuman Speed 
- X-Ray Vision
- Heat Vision
- Superhuman Breath
- Superhuman Hearing
- Superhuman Vision
- Superhuman Olfaction
- Eidetic Memory

Here Is my Superman inspired Manicure =D

For this Manicure I used : 

- La Femme Beauty - Bale Blue.
- Models Own - Coral Reef.
- Rio Professional Nail Art Kit - Yellow & Blue Pens.

I'm not going to lie to you guys ...from the moment I
watched The Tudors ..I fell Madly in love with Henry Cavill

The fact he is The new Superman ....Well...Well...
The release date for this in the UK is 14.6.2013
*Cant wait!*

Here is a picture of the Mash-46 & Fab Ur Nails- Fun 2 Image Plate,
that I to create my manicure. 
They Can be Purchased from :

- Mash-46 - Here

-  Fab Ur Nails- Fun 2 Image Plate - Here

Don't forget to pop over to the other ladies' blogs to see what they've 
come up with for their Ultimate Hero Manicure's =D.

Sammy @ Nailasaurus
Debbie @ The Crumpet
Charlotte @ Charlottes Nails

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. I have just finished lego batman 2 and i love being able to play as Superman! Great work!

    1. Thank you =D - I love Lego Batman - I need to try the 2nd!


  2. super as always, it's got all your trademarks xx

  3. You are too good for this stamping thing... I love it!

  4. Love it and it is you :D I have really enjoyed this challenge , thanks for making it great x

    1. Thank you hunny =)- thank you so much for organising this challenge - I've loved every second of taking part!


  5. Looks really great, oh and Henry Cavill; yes please!

    1. Thank you and Hmm...Distracted by him again lol


  6. IT looks amazing! I loved everyone of your hero/villain, In fact everyone did really awesome. I cant wait for the next challenge! I may play along at home( i dont have a blog) I love that plate with the louis vuitton on it...i wonder if i can get something like that here in the U.S. or at least shipped here.
    keep stamping! I read your blog pressure!

    1. Thank you so much , that means alot to me =D - Oo I cant wait to see what comes next! I'm sure Ill be involved with something sooner then later =D *watch this space*

      Ninja Polish currently sells this plate- you should check it out , and Fab Ur Nails ships worldwide =D


  7. What a fantastic idea doing a challenge. If you ever organise another i would love to be included and have a go :-) xWh


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