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Monday, 27 August 2012

New Plate News from Omg Nails

Hey guys

Let me introduce you too OMG Nails 

Image Plates 60 - 95 will be available from Oct/Nov!
I will defiantly getting Image Plate 66! 
....who am I kidding I'm so getting them all!

OMG Nails also has Image plates 2 - 55 available to order from Here,
as well as Big Plates and stamping polishes.

 Unfortunately you cannot order directly from OMG Nails website. 
However, you can still place an order by :
- Sending a payment Via PayPal, into their account at -
Or you can call them on 02088309220. 

Once payment is confirmed, they will send the items out. 

Prices :
- Small Image plates are £5
- Nail polishes £4
- Big Plate's (250 designs ) £60 - all prices include  p&p.

OMG Nails can also be found on Facebook see Here

Lets look at plates 60 - 95 shall we ...Get your lemming list's ready!

Which Image plates are your favourite?
Which will you be getting?

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. I love plate 63, that is beyond cute.

  2. That viking plate is getting me...I love it!

  3. Plates 63 & 66 are adorable!


  4. 63, 64, 66, 74 and 75 are freaking tdf! I've never heard of these plates before so thanks for sharing. Like you I want them all ;) Lol definitely a stamping addict!

  5. Several of these are great, but I especially love the dragons!

  6. I love dragons, but what really impresses me is that so many of the plates are themed. So you don't have seven crowns on a plate and then a random flag, or something.

  7. All have great designs, I liked 65 and 95 and for you I bet in 66, because it has Dinosaurs.

  8. The faces are something different))

  9. I've never head of them. Why have I never heard of them?! I must admit, some of these look amazing and detailed. I wonder if that will translate into actual plates. I definitely like the way they're organized, it makes it easier for girls like us to do the design. Impressive!

  10. SOme of these are really cool-never heard of these before!

  11. do they sell to the USA? ANd they are not a set but individual? what does the price translate to US dollars. you europeans get allllll the good stuff ----/pout

  12. ooh such fun designs! I agree some of these are so neat like nothing I have ever seen before!


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