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Monday, 27 August 2012

New Plate News from Omg Nails

Hey guys

Let me introduce you too OMG Nails 

Image Plates 60 - 95 will be available from Oct/Nov!
I will defiantly getting Image Plate 66! 
....who am I kidding I'm so getting them all!

OMG Nails also has Image plates 2 - 55 available to order from Here,
as well as Big Plates and stamping polishes.

 Unfortunately you cannot order directly from OMG Nails website. 
However, you can still place an order by :
- Sending a payment Via PayPal, into their account at -
Or you can call them on 02088309220. 

Once payment is confirmed, they will send the items out. 

Prices :
- Small Image plates are £5
- Nail polishes £4
- Big Plate's (250 designs ) £60 - all prices include  p&p.

OMG Nails can also be found on Facebook see Here

Lets look at plates 60 - 95 shall we ...Get your lemming list's ready!

Which Image plates are your favourite?
Which will you be getting?

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. I love plate 63, that is beyond cute.

  2. That viking plate is getting me...I love it!

  3. 63, 64, 66, 74 and 75 are freaking tdf! I've never heard of these plates before so thanks for sharing. Like you I want them all ;) Lol definitely a stamping addict!

  4. Several of these are great, but I especially love the dragons!

  5. I love dragons, but what really impresses me is that so many of the plates are themed. So you don't have seven crowns on a plate and then a random flag, or something.

  6. All have great designs, I liked 65 and 95 and for you I bet in 66, because it has Dinosaurs.

  7. The faces are something different))

  8. I've never head of them. Why have I never heard of them?! I must admit, some of these look amazing and detailed. I wonder if that will translate into actual plates. I definitely like the way they're organized, it makes it easier for girls like us to do the design. Impressive!

  9. SOme of these are really cool-never heard of these before!

  10. do they sell to the USA? ANd they are not a set but individual? what does the price translate to US dollars. you europeans get allllll the good stuff ----/pout

  11. ooh such fun designs! I agree some of these are so neat like nothing I have ever seen before!


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