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Monday, 3 September 2012

Best of British - Nail Blogger Round Up 2/9/2012 (Yes, I know I'm a day late)

British Nail Bloggers

Hey Guys!

Here is my late 'Best of British - Nail Blogger Round Up'

- Lucy from Lucy's Stash shows how to do a perfect 
Fishtail Braid manicure

- The Nail Newbie tries a braided manicure too, but

-Emma's been feeling arty this week at Imagination In Colour, starting
 with a Purple Dotted Manicure and later a first attempt at 'brush marbling'! 

- Nada has been busy swatching the Orly Mineral FX Collection Fall 2011 sadly
 shes missing one of the polishes from the collection to make it complete! 

- Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing has been rainbow gradienting it up! 

 -Things have been looking a bit patchy over at Never Mind Suzi 
as Steph tries out some MUA polishes. 

- Wendy from Wendy's Delights has found W7 Magnetic Nail Polish at New
 Look in store & online! 

- A simple nail tutorial for seaside nails perfect for the last weeks of summer 
2012 over at Enigmatic Rambles. 

-Abi falls in love with A-England's Perceval and doesn't seem 
to realise its not autumn yet. 

 -While reviewing some of her recent nail buys, Ruth also created 
a simple blue matte finish with some striking gold tips this week! 

 - Lyndsay from Pie's Eyes discovers some
and shows off her latest ColorClub purchases. 

 - Jo at Northern nails has been

 - PrettyKittyClaws went to the Paralympic Opening 
Ceremonyand celebrated with a Saran Wrap Mani featuring the 
new OPI Germany collection. 

- Sam at Polished Art created some Paralympics nail art

- Rachel-Karina over at Polished Criminails gets ready to 
undergo the grueling 30 day challenge

 - Kerrie at Pishposh and Polish is hosting a giveaway featuring some 
holographic and great British Polishes!

- Laura at She Who Does Nails has been trying out her new stamping plates
 and rhinestones with a Tiffany-esque floral manicure

- Charlotte at Charlottes-nails broke her laptop charger this week so has only
 posted one challenge post for the lazy days of summer challenge 

-  Sarah Louise plays with Laquistry's Placid on Acid over Nails Inc's Great
 Dover Street to create Sparkly Leaves! She also thought it would be a good 
thing to reorganise her polish stash....bad idea. 

 - The Crumpet has been celebrating her birthday this week. You can see
 this purple ruffle mani as well as some of her favourite purples. 

 - Alexis at Glitter Tips takes a step towards becoming the craziest cat lady
 by painting her cats portraits on her nails! 

-  Vic at has probably pushed her nail art obsession to the
 limit with her Carnival mani. 

-  It has been loads of nailart week for Dimpal at Crazy Polishes with 
Sea Life and Flowery Water Decals mani.

Thank you for stopping By!



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