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Monday, 5 November 2012

New Plate News - Gals Cosmetics

Hey Guys!

I would like to introduce you all to Cheeky's sister 
brand - Gals Cosmetics 

Cheeky have advised me that “Gals” is a refreshing brand 
with the aim of producing quality
 beauty products at highly competitive prices.
Cheeky have advised me that both sets will be available for
 sale in 3-4 weeks on Amazon platforms and on

Without further - ado lets look at the sets shall we
*Click to enlarge both sets of pictures* :

Gals Cosmetics have advised :
This wonderful set contains unique and genuine designs 
straight from the drawing table of “Gals” designers. It offers many 
full nail designs and gives a bit of everything to enable you a wide
 range of choices when designing your nails. A fun set to
 play with and it’s only $12.99!!!  

The price of this set will be $12.99.
It will be available to buy from Here in 3-4 weeks time and on 
Amazon (I cant comment whether this will just 
be on .com,, .de yet)

Gals Cosmetics have advised :
Our jewel for nail design. This innovative set contains unique, young, 
fun and eye-catching nail art designs. Just look at the variety you have
 there and you will be restless until you will have it in your hands. Our 
design team invested days and nights to create for you this 
precious set, it’s only left to enjoy it.

The price of this set will be $15.99
It will be available to buy from Here in 3-4 weeks time and on 
Amazon (I cant comment whether this will just be on 
 .com,, .de yet)

.....You all Know Ill be getting both sets right? =-P 

Which set will you be getting and why?

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Very cute the stamping sets!

  2. These look great! Just brought cheeky plate C Waiting for it to arrive, I can't wait :)

    Jazz x

  3. surely both of them! but i like the 2nd more

  4. my fave is the first set, my only reservation is the size of the full nail designs. do you know what the size is and how they would compare to Konad or Bundle Monster sizing?

  5. Muy bonitas, me gustan más las de la 2º foto. No conocía la marca! saludos!

  6. I'm definitely going to buy the Princess Set! Love the designs!!


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