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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Plate News - Bundle Monster's Holiday Collection!!!

Hey Guys!

You may have noticed that I've been very absent since January... Well that's 
because me and the Mr brought our very first house. Its been a stressful
 few months, but I'm happy to say that we've moved in and all is
 Fantastic! I even have my own nail room =DDD. 

So, to celebrate me being back - I have some exciting news to
 share from bundle monster!!

What they've said :

We here at Bundle Monster love the holidays, and we also love our
 nail products too! So, it was only fitting that we'd come out with our
 own 25 piece Holiday Collection of nail stamping plates! Everyone will be 
praising you on how festive you are throughout the year with the amount of holiday 
variety you get with this set. This 25 piece nail art image stamping plates include
 plate numbers: BM-H01 thru BM-H25 and features 6 designs on each plate
 totalling to 150 designs. If you are like us, some events get treated like holidays,
 so not only did we include the classics like: Christmas, 4th of July, and 
Thanksgiving to name a few, but we also threw in some other special events
 like: birthday, baby shower, wedding and graduation for some added flare. All designs 
featured in this set are NOT reduplicated in any of our other nail plate sets. Use this 
collection to have fun working on your nails or give them away as fabulous 
gifts to friends and family.
Holy nail lovin' holidays… is what you will be screaming 
when you get your hands on Bundle Monster's 25 piece Holiday Collection!
Each plate comes with 6 designs and gives you a total of 150 designs possibilities.
Our plates for this collection are numbered BM-H01 thru BM-H25 and come
 with themes for: Christmas, St. Patty's Day, Halloween, Easter, Cinco de 
Mayo, Birthdays, Graduations, and more!!!
Comparing to other prominent brand names that can cost as much as $5 for
 a single plate, this is a superb value deal!
Pictures are shown in digital format. Actual plates are made in stainless
 steel and have high polish finish with a paper backing.

Lets check out some close up pictures shall we!
*Click to enlarge*

You can get this set from Here - The set costs $21.99
See Here for Shipping info =D.

Opps I hit purchase *Oh well lol*- as soon as they arrive I'll
 review and show some close up pictures for you all

Thank you for stopping by!



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