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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tutorial - How to apply Water Slide Nail Decals

Hey Guys

Here's my second tutorial -  I've constructed a step by step guide to show 
you how to apply Water Slide Nail Decals.

What you will need :

- A base coat.
- Nail polish.
- Cup or dish of water.
- A set of water decals (If you do not have these...Please do not carry on with this tutorial lol).
- Scissors.
- Tissue.
- Tweezers (Optional).
-Topcoat polish.

Step 1 (Below)

Apply a base coat to your nails - then paint your nails using either :

- A light colour.
- A holographic colour.
- Or maybe a nude colour /French Manicure.
- Or you could apply a clear base to your nails =D.

........... Then (this is important)  make sure you allow your nails to dry.

Step 2 (Below).

Chose the decals you would like to use - then cut them from the decal paper.

Stage 3 (Below).

Place / soak the decal in water for about 20/30 seconds. 
It doesn't matter if it is face up or face down =D.

Try not to let the decal hit the bottom of you cup/bowl...*It can be a pain in 
the butt - to bob out* ...You were warned.

Step 4
Take the decal out of water, Here you can use tweezers or you finger, Its entirely up to you.

Make sure that your wet decal  is against your finger, with the image facing down.

Then simply slide the backing of the decal away,  with your fingers.

Step 5 

Now you can apply the decal to your nail.
 I found the best way to apply the decal was to gently roll my finger 
against the nail I was decorating. 
Once applied to the nail you can tad of any excess water with some tissue.

Step 6 (Below)

After placing your decals into the desired positions on the nails
You can then use a coat of top coat to cover them (but only once your nails have
 dried) . If you do not use a top coat...then you will find that your decals come off. 
The top seals the design onto your nails given them a beautiful shine .

I then Added some further details to my Manicure using a dotting tool - More Information On this Manicure can be found here

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial =D




  1. Great tutorial.
    Water decal reminds me my childhood, thanks for bringing this memory back.

    1. Its my pleasure sweetie! - It was surprising easy to do...Makes me wonder why I haven't tried them before =-/ lol


  2. My niece would love to have these princesses on her nails! 25 to go!

    1. Holy wow...Now that's scary! thanks for keeping me updated!
      Hmm - well, Im going to have a dabble soon at making them - Ill keep you updated on my progress - She has little nails doesn't she?


  3. Hi, I am a new follower to your blog. I simply love your Disney nails !! I would love to do it as well, but I need to find this water decal paper :)
    I also have a nail blog, so I invite you to visit it. Nails&Pets -

  4. I simply love water transfer decals... I did numerous nail art with them. Best and easy way out!!!


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