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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Review for MoYou + ' Introducing MoYou's Stamping Polishes'

Hey Guys!

I was recently contacted by OMG Nails to review their some of their products,
I received :

- A Stamper and Scraper
- 2 image Plates (MoYou 44 & MoYou 45)
- MoYou's Black and White Stamping polishes.

So I thought I'd put MoYou's Black and White Stamping polishes to the test.
I have compared them next to Konads Special Black and White polishes.

Here is MoYou's Black and White Stamping polishes .

Who are OMG Nails
OMG Marketing Ltd was founded in March 2009, specializing in nail 
products, such as nail art sets, nail varnishes, nail 
accessories and more. Our sourcing team together with the Management team
 are making sure we are bringing new top nail quality products
 to the market every few months.
MoYou - an easy way to have a variety of 750 different designs 
stamped onto your nails or even onto accessories such as
 sunglasses, mobile phones or notepads. We work hard throughout
 the year improving our MoYou products to new records of quality and 
design, bringing new and fashionable patterns more often.
Their Philosophy:
Believe that new is better combined with top quality and affordable
 prices, to make sure customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Lets get Testing!

I decided to use 2 Image Plates, to show you a Full size
 Image and a Single Image stamped with both polishes.

First up we have MoYou 08.
(I love this Plate  - It is just too adorable - How could I resist this super cute monkey!)

I tried my best to photo the images - apologies If they 
are not my best...However they were so tiny..and my camera had a hissy fit on me =(.

*Pictures can be enlarged*

MoYou's Black Stamping polish.              Konads Special Black polish. 

I'm in love with MoYou's Black and White Stamping polishes .
The formula is simply perfect!

                                       MoYou's White Stamping polish           Konads Special white polish. 

Secondly we have MoYou 20.

*Pictures can be enlarged*

                                    MoYou's Black Stamping polish.            Konads Special Black polish. 

After swatching these polishes, I did a manicure (soon to be posted) I had no
 issues with clean-up from these polishesI regularly get asked why 
is Konads Black is so hard to clean up - I feel this has a lot to do with
 the formula they use. I often get some residue left after cleaning up 
Konads Special Black polishes..Not matter how hard I try =(. But 
I didn't have this issue with either MoYou's Black and White Stamping polish.

MoYou's White Stamping polish.            Konads Special Black polish. 

My Overall conclusions

I'm in LOVE with MoYou's White and Black Stamping polishes.
I need to immediately get some back ups, I cant wait to try other 
colours they have in their range.
I can be hesitant, to brave the world outside Konads Black and 
White barrier  - Because lets face it,  If I'm going to stamp my manicure
 with a white or black Image - Then I want it crisp and to ensure It stands out. 
But OMG......
 I was not expecting to see results as good as these!
I couldn't tell after first swatching the white Monkeys which was which brand - SO
 I had to do it again (a Sarah fail!). 
I think the pictures speak for themselves

OK its time to talk dirty and compare

MoYou Vs Konad

Lets see what you get for your Green notes.

* = It depends on the E store.

Overall thoughts :

Product  9.9/10 (But only because the bottle was a bit bland
...Yes this is my only negative comment)

Opacity 10/10

OMG Nails also has Image plates 2 - 55 available to order from Here,
as well as Big Plates and stamping polishes.

 Unfortunately you cannot order directly from OMG Nails website. 
However, you can still place an order by :
- Sending a payment Via PayPal, into their account at -
Or you can call them on 02088309220. 

Once payment is confirmed, they will send the items out. 

Prices :
- Small Image plates are £5
- Nail polishes £4
- Big Plate's (250 designs ) £60 - all prices include  p&p.

Stamping Polishes currently available :

- Light Blue
- Black
- Gold
- Green
- Blue
- Silver
- Pink
- Red
- White
- Yellow
- Burgundy
- Lilac

OMG Nails can also be found on Facebook see Here

I have a manicure incoming using both polishes - 
I can also comment that there is no drag from these polishes, when a
 topcoat is applied !!!!!

MoYou get a massive thumbs up from me of these polishes!

Tell me your thoughts?

If you haven't already entered my * 2000  give-away * you 
can do so by clicking here 
The closing date is the 3.10.2012

Thank you for stopping by!



* Product was sent for review*


  1. I wonder what the other stamping polish colours are like. Especially for stamping over black, now there is a test!

    1. I do like a challenge! I will defiantly get the light blue, lilac and Pink..Maybe the yellow and Green.. and I may pick up the gold and silver too lol
      ..Begins a new wish list lol =D


  2. These look great, I still haven't got around to ordering Konad polishes yet and I want a really good black and white, looks like I might have to consider MoYou instead now!

    1. P&P is also included if your in the Uk =D. You will not be disappointed =D.


  3. La verdad es que la calidad de los esmaltes se ve muy bien! no tiene mucho que envidiar a Konad...

    1. The quality was excellent! Im super super impressed - I cant wait to try other colours =D


  4. Nice to hear that there is another choice other than Konad, I have a love/hate relationship with the black!

    1. You and me both - My love/hate relationship began with konad - But then again..Its due to their formula. MoYous wasn't as thick and gloppy as konads, yet was more then effective! Im really impressed with both MoYou's White and Black polishes x


  5. moyou got some interesting n reasonably priced stamping products i am using their black polish and some plates... works well :)

    1. The prices are more then reasonable - watch out konad!


  6. Nice polishes and the stamping plates are so cute!

    1. Thank you & yes they are super adorable aren't they! =D


  7. Great review Their polishes do look amazing!

  8. I recently 6th October 2013 bought this product while i was in the USA and only got home to Australia 2 days ago. Took it out to share it with my daughter only to find it did not work. The paint does not transfer onto the nail from the rubber thing u get. I have tried it over and over and faster and faster and all i get is nothing. Im very upset and feel like i have been ripped off. Paid 140.00 US dollars for this crap because i bought the huge panel with all the nail art on it only for it not to work. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT ... beware people. I tried to contact the people who make this via email and have heard nothing in return ... obviously not the first time they are dealing with this complaint.


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